By Emily Hottal, Senior Product Manager at Airship

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed digital engagement, further cementing mobile devices at the center of our lives and reshaping customer expectations in unexpected ways. At the same time, for some consumers it’s led to more cautious spending in this uncertain time. As marketers work to re-engage and grow those consumers in the year ahead, Forrester predicts brands will invest 30% more into loyalty and retention efforts. That means more volume and messages vying for attention via email + app channels. …

By Brandon O’Haolloran, GM, Director of Commerce at Airship

It’s time to get even more personal and convenient in your customer journeys with Live Chat! More and more brands are leaning into offering live chat to foster valuable customer relationships. Forrester Research found that 86% of brands surveyed want to implement chat in mobile to improve customer experience.

That’s why Airship is excited to announce Airship Live Chat, a quick and easy chat solution to improve one-to-one customer experiences across marketing, sales and service, and grow customer lifetime value throughout the customer journey.

As the ultimate live streaming and second screen destination for March Madness, the NCAA® March Madness® Live app set all-time tournament records during the 2019 tournament.

While COVID-19 shut down the 2020 tournament before it began, the multi-platform basketball destination, managed by Turner Sports in partnership with the NCAA and CBS Sports, knew one of the MVPs for its record-setting results was a notification, and it all began as an experiment in 2017.

But first, a little background.

Few people are more passionate than a sports fan. Whether driven by alma mater, bracket picks, or region/mascot preference, March Madness fans…

At Airship, we’re big believers in the power of community and we are committed to cultivating amazing company culture. For the Airship Employee Spotlight series, we’re putting the spotlight on Airshippers who are living out that #AirshipLife.

Hello! My name is Anthony and I’m a director of Engineering at Airship. I am the youngest of three boys in a proud Italian-American family and parents were from the same area of Palermo Sicily before they moved to New York. As a child, I was captivated by 80’s video games, pop culture and movies and was frequently glued to my computer and…

How does your mobile app push notification strategy stack up against the competition? That’s one of several key questions we set out to help you answer in Airship’s new report: Push Notifications & Mobile Engagement: 2021 Benchmarks.

Note: We’ve shared the overall benchmark stats here; for industry-specific benchmarks for retail, travel, media and more, download the full report.

To create the report, we analyzed data from more than 600 billion push notifications sent via Airship to more than 2 billion users in 2020. The result? The definitive mobile app push notification benchmarks to help you assess and elevate your push…

Location-based marketing is what marketers do when they’ve got their customers where they want them — literally.

What is it really, though? Simply, location-based marketing is defined as sending notifications or action triggers to your customers when they enter a particular location or region.

When done properly, location-based marketing is a savvy and modern way to connect with your customers where (and when) it matters most. Stuck on how to go about it? Below are 4 real-world examples of location-based marketing being done right.

How SXSW Personalized the Festival Experience

Film, music, and creative media come together at SXSW to deliver one of the more magical…

At Airship, we’re big believers in the power of community and we are committed to cultivating amazing company culture. For the Airship Employee Spotlight series, we’re putting the spotlight on Airshippers who are living out that #AirshipLife.

Hello there! My name is Mikey and I’m one of the Lead Technical Support Engineers here at Airship in Portland, Oregon. When I’m not helping support Airship customers using our products, you can typically find me rendering my dream home in SketchUp, playing video games, practicing yoga or just vibing particularly hard. …

No, it’s not just you: Marketing an app is hard. An app is unlike any other product or service, which means that to successfully market one, you’ll have to adopt creative strategies for growth.

To help, we put together a list of our favorite strategies to use as you’re putting together (and carrying out) a marketing plan for your app. If you want to see a couple of these strategies in action, check out our list o f 15 tips to market your app better.

Our Favorite App Marketing Strategies

Adopt a growth marketing approach.

Many successful app launches rely on a growth marketing strategy

Marketing terms can get confusing fast — particularly when there are a few dozen terms all under the same umbrella.

Location-based marketing is one of those umbrellas. Though there are plenty of specific terms, tips, and tricks surrounding location-based marketing ( which you can find more on here), but one of the biggest misunderstandings happens between the terms geofencing and geo targeting.

The difference between geotargeting and geofencing is a clear one, and understanding that difference can help you give a facelift to your location-based marketing.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing in location-based marketing is fairly self-explanatory; you’re targeting users based on a specific…

You don’t need to be an experienced ‘growth hacker’ to see serious results from growth marketing campaigns. Good growth tactics are healthy parts of a marketing plan, and they might be more mainstream than you think.

From Facebook to Airbnb to Dropbox, today’s tech giants got their start with growth marketing — and they’re still using those creative tactics today.

Let’s explore what growth marketing truly is, and how you can make it work for your business.

What is growth marketing, exactly?

Growth marketing is sometimes also referred to as growth hacking — but importantly, it’s got nothing to do…


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