Winning Customer Loyalty with SMS Marketing

Making Enrollment Easier with SMS

Putting a customer on the spot to register for a loyalty program can be pretty daunting or inconvenient. Imagine wanting to sign up for a loyalty program at a hotel check-in but having to take the time to rattle off your personal information with people behind you in line. That might make you think signing up isn’t worth the hassle. Luckily, SMS can be a huge help for scenarios like this.

Widen Your Promotional Campaigns Net with SMS

SMS is a great channel to send and support promotional content such as offers, holiday sales and events. You can use SMS to send messages to keep your customers engaged and drive in-store traffic or add SMS to your other marketing campaigns to increase your visibility and opportunities for engagement.

Strategically Orchestrate Your Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are extremely important to your customers and getting your customers the information they need in real-time is what makes or breaks a great customer experience. However, sending an email, SMS, push, AND a web notification for an order confirmation might be overkill for some customers, pushing them to opt-out.

Do More with SMS

SMS marketing can be used for more than just fostering loyalty, and Airship has the tools you can use to create and send powerful text messages. You can use our link shortener to save your limited characters for your message or link tracker to measure engagement. If you’re sending a Mobile Wallet item like a loyalty card or coupon, our Adaptive Links will handle device detection to create either the Apple Wallet version (iOS) or Google Pay (Android) without you having to know what type of device the customer has ahead of sending.



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