Why You Need a Growth Marketing Strategy

  • Cross-channel, cross-funnel, and cross-department marketing. Rather than solely focusing efforts on one channel or funnel, a growth marketing strategy will experiment with different options to test the waters for a business or product. This omnichannel approach is what allows many businesses to find a gold mine of users.
  • A/B testing and experimentation. The sheer power of testing multiple variations of a landing page or offer is sometimes overlooked. A good growth marketing system will involve A/B testing across multiple channels-email, SMS, advertising, landing pages, and more. This allows growth marketers to quickly learn what customers respond to.
  • Faster user growth. Experimentation is at the core of good growth marketing. When you’re experimenting with your ads, offers, and landing pages, you’ll find ways to accelerate user growth and capture people’s attention. Using growth hacks, à la what Airbnb did to acquire new users, is another way you’ll see quicker user growth with a good marketing strategy.
  • New insights on your customers. As you continue to experiment, you’ll learn more about what your customers respond to. This will help you create better ad campaigns and messaging strategies in the future. If, say, an informal landing page performs better than the industry-standard copy you have now, it could be a signal that your customers will respond better to that language in multiple channels.
  • Quick scaling for your marketing campaigns. Good growth marketers are flexible and responsive. If they see something that’s working, they’re able to quickly shift budget and resources into scaling that activity. This is one of the key benefits of growth marketing: You can scale successful tactics in a flash.
  • Referral programs. Referral programs are smart because at their core, they let your customers do your marketing for you. What are you more likely to trust: The seventy-fifth Instagram ad you’ve seen today, or a text from a friend recommending a certain brand? Dropbox famously ran a referral program offering free storage space to people who referred friends. Not only did the person referring get the free storage, but so did their friend! This tactic is important to consider today. Referral programs are a dime-a-dozen, so make sure there’s something in it for all parties involved.
  • Loyalty programs. Acquiring customers is only half the battle. Once you’ve got them on board, you need to convince them to stick around. Loyalty programs are a favorite strategy of many growth marketers to keep customers coming back for more. Check out Airship’s solutions for customer loyalty here.
  • Email and SMS campaigns. Now more than ever, customers are turning to mobile devices to get what they want from their favorite brands. Running email and SMS campaigns — and experimenting to figure out what your customers like — is one of the smartest moves you can make heading into 2021.



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