Why Personalized Mobile Messaging Will be Crucial to Customer Experience for 2021

More and More Consumers Expect and Appreciate Mobile Experiences

2020 will be remembered for a lot of things, but also as a year of rapid and dramatic change when it comes to consumer behavior. Consumers expect convenient, relevant experiences and they’re looking to mobile to deliver those experiences.

In a (Socially) Distant World, Customers Want the Personal Touch

By now, most brands know that personalization means more than just greeting someone by their first name in an email. The kind of personalization that makes all the difference is one that is highly relevant to the individual. Gartner research found that 48% of consumers would unsubscribe from future communications if they receive a personalized brand communication they felt was irrelevant, while 14% said they would stop doing business with the brand altogether.

Adobe and Airship Bring Mobile and Personalization Together

To make personalized mobile experiences the cornerstone of your customer engagement strategy, you need the tools that can execute powerfully and quickly.



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