What’s the Difference Between MMS vs. SMS?

What is SMS?

What About MMS?

Key Takeaways

  • When we look at MMS vs SMS, both have incredible read, open and respond rates, making text messaging one of the most effective channels for reaching and engaging customers.
  • Texting is an extremely low barrier option for communication because users do not need to download an app before receiving SMS or MMS.
  • Because many mobile carriers offer unlimited SMS and large or unlimited data plans, text messaging is an inexpensive medium for consumers.
  • Users need a data plan or internet connection to receive MMS messages.
  • Before sending SMS or MMS to customers or prospects, organizations must get permission, known as opt in.
  • Organizations must also provide a way for people to opt out of receiving text messages.
  • Both MMS and SMS messages are a convenient way to communicate fast and timely information to customers.
  • Adding a visual touch to text messages can make them more effective, with an increased click-through rate of 15% when using an MMS message.
  • SMS is particularly well suited for simple, urgent, transactional messages.
  • Both SMS and MMS are effective channels for supporting loyalty programs.
  • Using text messaging in combination with other channels, including email and mobile wallet, can increase marketing effectiveness.
  • Text messaging is a very personal channel. To avoid coming off as spam, marketers must carefully control frequency and timing, while ensuring messages provide value.
  • Personalization can help SMS and MMS messages stand out from the crowd.
  • With the right partners and solutions, text messaging is an easy communications and marketing tactic for organizations to employ.

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