What You Need to Know About iOS 14 and App Clips from Apple’s September Event

What Are App Clips?

Think of App Clips as a miniature version of your app. They are designed to offer users a subset of functionality to your app, allowing them to open the clip quickly and perform important tasks in the moment. They are meant to be fast, lightweight and easy to use for all sorts of transactions, such as making a reservation or renting a scooter. App Clips are a great way to get users familiar with your app without requiring them to download a full app.

Sending Messages with App Clips

You might be wondering how you can start sending messages to users who download your App Clip. What if a user books a table and you want to send them a confirmation message? Or, perhaps a user orders take out and you want to let them know their order is ready? Airship has you covered.

How Does It Work?

Depending on your business, you may have one instance of your App Clip or multiple instances. Take a restaurant reservation booking platform as an example. If this was your brand, you would likely offer an App Clip for each different restaurant that a user can reserve a table for, and thus users may have multiple instances of an App Clip on their device.

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