Web Notifications Just Got Better With Automation

By: Meghan Suslak

Automation is one of the core capabilities of our Digital Growth Platform and we’re excited to bring this functionality to our web notifications channel. We share more about this enhancement, share use cases and how to try web notifications yourself.

Automated Web Notifications are Here

After launching web notifications, customers using this channel expressed their desire to send triggered notifications to their website visitors. We’re excited to share customers can now set up automated web notifications! These messages can be delivered to opted in web users based on any of these triggers:

Your team can also trigger a single automated message across your configured platforms in one step, like iOS, Android and Amazon, as well as via their web browser (as seen above). Then, that message will be delivered to whichever device the user completes the trigger. For example, if the user completes the trigger (tag change, event, etc.) on your website, a web notification will be sent.

Use Cases for Automated Web Notifications

This enhancement to web notifications unlocks many new ways to engage with your website visitors. Here are just a few use cases that come to mind:

Looking for more ideas? We’ve got an entire guide dedicated to sharing the possibilities with web notifications. Grab our Inspiration Guide to see additional use cases.

Improved Web Notification Reporting

We’ve also updated the Automation message report to include metrics for web notifications and to reflect the new, updated design. Now, if you deliver a single automated message across multiple platforms such as web notifications as well as iOS and Android push notifications, you’ll be able to view your message in a single Automation report.

Our customers will now be able to see the performance of a web notification alongside other platforms like iOS, Android and Amazon.

Try Automated Web Notifications Yourself

If you’re a current Urban Airship web notification user interested in trying automated web notifications yourself, check out our documentation to learn how your team can send an automated web notification. If you’re new to this channel, or not yet a customer request a demo and we’ll show you this channel in action as well as information about adding this channel into your marketing mix.

Want to learn more about web notifications? Check out our collection of posts on this channel and learn how to make the most of this channel to connect with customers in real time, maximize your web traffic, and grow revenue.

Originally published at www.urbanairship.com.

Urban Airship is now Airship! Leading brands trust us to help them achieve digital growth. We make mobile moments magic. www.airship.com

Urban Airship is now Airship! Leading brands trust us to help them achieve digital growth. We make mobile moments magic. www.airship.com