Vodafone, ASOS, BBC & 7 More Top Brands Share Their Insights at Our London Digital Engagement Forum

Data Makes All the Difference — Vodafone

After expanding from one channel, SMS, to multiple channels, Vodafone was very careful not to over message their customers. Data makes all the difference, according to Thomas Neumann, Principal Manager of Device Team. Some customers prefer to receive marketing notifications on one channel, but service notifications on a different channel. Vodafone has several different apps, with different uses. 95% of their customers use the app for self-service activities like checking their bill and buying extra data.

Removing Pain Points with Digital Adoption — E.ON

With a growing customer experience team, Lucy Lebeter, Head of Digital and Customer Experience,
had digital adoption on her mind. The company used to spend a lot of money on call centers to field calls about billing updates, address changes or other simple questions. Making the transition to a more digital customer experience has taken a lot of pain off the business as customers no longer have to call in and wait on the phone to get a simple answer.

Bridging Digital and In-Store for Loyalty — B&Q

For home improvement retailer B&Q, creating a strong relationship between digital and in-store was a priority for their loyalty efforts. Club Marketing Manager, Michael Peacock saw the importance of joining the journeys together. Consumers might do research online, but they come in-store to purchase.

Notes From an Award-Winning Messaging Campaign — BBC

There’s a lot to learn from the winners of the “Most Effective Messaging Campaign Award” from Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. Jo Mitchell and Carolyn Letts of the BBC shared what went behind the scenes for their coverage of the Royal Wedding.

A Focus on Frictionless Experiences — ASOS

ASOS considers themselves a “digital-first business,” with 70% of their traffic coming from mobile apps. According to Ash Fisher, Technology Platform Lead, they have invested heavily in all things digital from the very beginning. Now, it’s all about maintaining that edge. They consider themselves lucky to have invested in the right infrastructure and to be able to innovate quickly.

The Big Challenge with Data — Sony

For a global company like Sony, being coordinated across regions was a challenge. Sony sends messages across 45 different regions and in several different languages. That’s a lot of messages; and a lot of data. Cedric Efoma, CRM Manager, talked about data silos and the challenge of having so much data in multiple different places.

The Next Big Thing for 2019 — Ticketmaster

According to Tom Newbury, CRM Manager, International, Ticketmaster is one of the original tech companies, with eyes constantly set on the future. They have the right setup to innovate digitally and have already started using machine learning and AI to make improvements.



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