Track Your Onboarding Efforts With These App Analytics Reports

New User Retention Heatmap Report

  • How effective is my welcome series at increasing user retention over different time periods?
  • How far apart should I space notifications/in-app messages for the highest retention?
  • What effect do notifications have on my retention rates?
  • Experiment with adjustments to the welcome series to increase retention — adjust timing, offer (e.g. product tour) or when to ask for that critical opt-in.
  • For those engaged and retained through 90 days, identify characteristics can be used attract additional similar users.

Activation Heatmap Report

  • What experiences can I promote that drive higher retention?
  • What are key “activation events” for my app?
  • What do the cohort of users I retain longest have in common?
  • Drive additional activation events using notifications or in-app messaging.
  • Take learnings and identify high-value early app activity; experiment with timing/offers to see whether other cohorts can be converted faster.



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