Three Essentials for Better Customer Engagement in 2019

Get Cross-Functional Alignment on What Success Looks Like

  1. What unique ID connects customer data across channels?
  2. What data helps us judge success and/ or create great experiences?
  3. What is the source of truth for each piece of data?
  • Apps have nuanced messaging options that can be personalized for brand loyalists, plus the ability to take advantage of all of the functionality of a smartphone (location, sensors, etc).
  • Email has a broad reach, “now or later” engagement and room for long-form content.
  • Web notifications have a low barrier to opt-in, wide reach, ability to message on web or mobile, and can capture visitors in the moment.
  • SMS has a high read rate and is ideal for transactional or alert-driven content. This form of messaging can command immediate attention.
  • Mobile wallet also has a low barrier to entry but it is also a “lightweight app” that can light up a user ’s screen and is great for prompting action at a point of sale.
  • To start, pull a list of fans who visited your site today, are currently in the Sacramento area and have a history of their favorite seats.
  • With that data, put together an offer to send to the user’s “best channel” — the channel a user has been active on recently.
  • In this case let’s say the best channel is a web notification, so you send a message there letting your user — let’s call him Kevin — that tickets are available for tonight’s game.
  • Kevin decides to buy the tickets, so you send a digital wallet item that has the ticket — and a special message: that’s there’s a chance to meet the new rookie on the team.
  • When Kevin arrives at the arena, his wallet pass can surface, making it easy to enter. Then he can get a message saying that the rookie he’s been excited to see is waiting for a meet-and-greet in the player’s lounge!​​​

Urban Airship is now Airship! Leading brands trust us to help them achieve digital growth. We make mobile moments magic.

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Urban Airship is now Airship! Leading brands trust us to help them achieve digital growth. We make mobile moments magic.

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