The 3 Key Ingredients For Breaking News Alerts

Speed Is Imperative

It may seem obvious that speed is important to delivering break news, but how important is it? And how much does it affect engagement and opens?

Channels Matter

When it comes to digital media consumption, consumers rely on an ever-increasing number of channels to get their news. Having a great app engagement strategy is key to providing a good user experience. But mobile is just one component of a great media engagement strategy.

The Importance of Preferences

In the effort to reach your audience quickly across multiple channels, you don’t want to push your audience away by over messaging or sending irrelevant content. The key is allowing consumers to dial in their preferences for messaging.

Don’t Miss a Single Ingredient

To offer your customers the best experience for breaking news alerts, consider these questions:

  1. Can I send notifications faster than my competitors?
  2. Can I use multiple channels to reach my audience?
  3. Can I give my audience preferences for their notifications?



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