New Year, New Look: Give Your Email Campaigns a 2021 Makeover

Love Your Layout

Make Your Messages Count

Test for Success

Accessorize with Airship

  • Airship’s WYSIWYG editor: Drag-and-drop blocks of content to edit inline and create different variations to evaluate and test.
  • Litmus for Email (New!): Optimize for the best customer experience by previewing how your email looks across different devices and making changes if needed.
  • A/B Testing personalization for SMS, Email, Web and App (New!): Use our personalization features with A/B tests to optimize your message personalization to see what increases customer engagement. Test different image types based on customer preferences, varying levels of personalization, or amount of content.
  • Performance Analytics: Pre-built email reports and dashboards help you drill down on essential data points and view performance.



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