Mobile Marketing “Teams” Still a Dream for Many Brands

Q. How have large brands adapted to mobile and built out their internal mobile teams? Are you seeing any common pitfalls or challenges?

Sergio: All the evidence shows that mobile is a pervasive channel brands can’t ignore. But 48% of brands don’t have a mobile strategy in place, according to Econsultancy and Adobe’s Digital Intelligence Briefing.

Q. What are some of the best ways you have seen brands think about mobile as a channel?

Sergio: Large organisations can learn from startups and disruptive mobile-first organisations. These kinds of businesses often have to solve problems by drawing from a limited talent pool without interrupting the rest of the business. They succeed by creating cross-functional teams that are agile and outcome focused.

Q: What is your top advice to help mobile pros build out their teams and get mobile right?

Emily: Above all, you need to get the data right. The best way to justify more internal resources and budget is by proving ROI, and that can be really challenging with newer channels.

Q: What is your top advice for brands?

Emily: My top advice is for brands to stay focused on delivering value for your customers.

Q. What about advice for the small mobile departments struggling for more resources or the one “mobile person” tasked with everything?

Sergio: Two things. First, you can’t do everything on your own — especially if mobile is a new channel for your business. Partnerships with the right technology providers, strategic agencies and consultants are crucial. Pick a focus area and then identify who you can outsource to and hire for support.



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