iOS 12 Notification Changes: Notification Center Will Become Apple Users’ Primary Inbox

Notification Management

Lock Screen notifications are more “prominent” while those in the Notification Center are more “quiet.”
An example of the ability to “Deliver Quietly.”

Grouped Notifications

An example of Grouped Notifications in iOS 12.

Provisional Authorization

Critical Alerts

An example of a critical alert.

Other Notable iOS 12 Updates:

  • Notification Content Extensions: Notifications have been expanded so that app developers can create actions directly inside of them or launch the app. Interactive notifications (which Urban Airship has great support for) now support more than a single tap.
  • Do Not Disturb: As users start experimenting with “do not disturb” and begin understanding where they spend their time and placing limits on specific apps or types of apps, brands will need to double-down on their notification strategy focusing on utility and value.
  • Screen Time: This new feature tells you which apps you are using the most, which are sending you the most notifications, offers controls on time limits (good for all of us — particularly my child!), schedule down time, and asks you if you want to keep or manage needy notifications on apps you haven’t used in a while.
With Screen Time, iOS users can view their digital consumption habits and patterns.

Our Plan to Help You Take Advantage of These Updates



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