Improve Your App User Acquisition Efforts With These Analytics Reports

Installation Attribution Report

  • Which ad programs are working best to drive new app installs?
  • Am I getting more engagement from paid or organic traffic?
  • Which programs generate new users with a low risk of churning?
  • Adjust campaign spend to the channels bringing in users with a low churn risk/high revenue potential.
  • Double-down on strong performing traffic sources and create lookalike campaigns to target additional users with a high lifetime value (LTV).

Net Customer Growth Report:

  • What is the daily net growth of my audience? Is this trending positively or negatively?
  • Do I have a lot of new users, but a lot of uninstalls? Or the opposite, a ton of reactivations?
  • What are the growth rate differences between iOS and Android users?
  • Provide clear reporting to leadership on app growth.
  • Identify what’s inhibiting growth (ineffective acquisition, churn, uninstalls) and take action to address it.



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