Google I/O19 Recap: Our Picks for Noteworthy Updates and Announcements

The Airship Team Enjoying the Sun at Google I/O

Four Particularly Noteworthy Updates

Android Gets a Focus Mode: As part of their efforts to improve digital well being, Android now has a focus mode which allows users to select which apps they want to disable for a set amount of time so they can focus on other things. That also means users can select which apps and features are crucial and can show notifications in focus mode. This kind of filter makes it more important for brands to establish relevancy and trust by sending the right messages at the right time — something our Orchestration solutions can make easier to do.

A Few Updates to Keep An Eye On…

Google Home Is Now Nest: Google Home is no more. Nest is officially Google’s smart home brand. Google also announced Nest Hub Max, a 10-inch Assistant smart display with a camera. Nest Hub Max comes with nifty features like Google Duo, facial recognition for personalizing user information and new, more convenient, gesture commands, such as simply raising a hand to lower the volume when you’re listening to music.

Testing out Google Assistant on Nest Hub



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