Enhancing Your Location-Based Messaging: Learn About Our New Integration with Radar

  • Geofences are regions or locations that your company wants to monitor. These could include a neighborhood, a particular business, a specific address, etc. You can create the specific geofences you wish to track in the Radar dashboard.
  • Places make it easy to know when one of your users visits a place belonging to a specific chain, or category even if you haven’t set up a geofence for that location. Places utilize Facebook Places, the same location database that powers Facebook & Instagram with over 140M places worldwide.
  • With Insights events, Radar is able to learn a particular user’s home and work locations and can tell you when a user is at home, at work, or traveling.
  • Create personalized interactions with app users with data based on location
  • Trigger notifications (push notifications, in-app message, and/or message center messages) based on user location events
  • Send events generated in Radar to Urban Airship in the form of custom events and properties

How to Integrate Radar With Your Urban Airship Account

Example: Using Radar’s Places Location Type

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