Digital Growth: The Shift to In-the-Moment Communication

Why the only moment that matters to your customers is right now, and how (and why) you need to connect with them in real time.

Consumer Behavior is Changing Rapidly

From an evolutionary standpoint, it wasn’t that long ago that email introduced the world to digital communications. As we’ve acclimated to using email, we’ve also became increasingly savvy about triaging it with technology (spam filters, promotion/social tabs) and with behavioral strategies.

Communications Need to be More Effortless, Actionable & Connected

We’ve seen notifications spread from apps to websites and mobile wallets, and they are core to newer experiences enabled by chatbots, intelligent personal assistants and IoT. They‘re coming to your cars, your home and your TVs. From a consumption standpoint, there arguably isn’t a clearer expression of a call-to-action, while adding rich media and interactive buttons offers additional inspiration and effortless paths to respond. More importantly, notifications are easy to consume. It just takes a glance and I can determine if I have what I need, need to dig deeper, or ignore.

The Message Transcends the Medium

With more and more consumers preferring self-directed journeys and shunning advertising and broad promotions, it becomes critically important to engage them on their terms and in the moments that matter. Each of your customers will have preferences for how they want to be contacted, so it really doesn’t matter how the information arrives, just that it’s relevant and important to them at the time they receive it.

  • Follow a notification opt-in on their app or website with a welcome e-mail highlighting favorite features or upcoming specials.
  • Remind users on their preferred channel of items left in shopping carts and wish lists, or coupons that are about to expire.
  • Use point of sale data from physical stores to send receipts, warranty information and accessory upsells to customers’ preferred channels.
  • Send a follow-up e-mail or SMS if the customer doesn’t respond to a push notification within five minutes.
  • Use the latest mobile behaviors or in-store interactions to provide precise promotions or high-touch service.
  • Tie in with proprietary back-end systems for precise order status updates to customers on any channel, platform or device.
  • Trigger chatbot confirmation notifications from online, in-app or in-store orders with an offer to track shipments.
  • Email new mobile wallet loyalty members with program details and special offers.



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