Build Stronger Customer Relationships at Scale with Live Chat

3 min readSep 10, 2021

There’s no question that marketing channels like email, SMS and your mobile app are crucial to driving action and engagement with your customers. But what about those moments when they need a more personal touch? Like when they’re struggling to set up your app. Or if they need a little advice about which products or services are best for them. Our latest eBook looks at how Live Chat responds to the need for in-the-moment customer engagement with incredibly relevant live conversation on the right channels when it matters most.

Check out a few highlights below, and download the eBook for more.

Authentic vs. AI

While many brands turn to AI chatbots for in-the-moment engagement and support, the reality is that most people ( 86%) prefer talking with another human. And when the customer’s only other options are emailing or calling, that creates friction that increases the chances they’ll walk away. The key to Live Chat is the ability to trigger 1-to-1 chat interactions from any marketing channel in those pivotal moments. Trigger live chat opportunities based on customer actions, location, behavior, or any other data that makes sense for your brand, so you can be there to:

  • Answer questions
  • Assist with payment
  • Upsell
  • Cross-sell
  • Drive repeat purchases
  • And more!

Two-Way Conversations in the Moments that Matter

For brands not already using Live Chat, you might assume it’s primarily a responsive channel. However, Live Chat opens up a world of opportunities to proactively engage your customers and foster valuable relationships at key moments in the customer journey. Examples include:

  • Offer to assist with onboarding
  • Let them know about a special offer
  • Get them enrolled in a loyalty program
  • Ensure a seamless BOPIS/Click & Collect Experience
  • Check in about an abandoned cart
  • Create a Concierge Service Experience

In the ebook, we look at a variety of use cases to help acquire, retain and grow your customers and drive results.

Adding Live Chat to your channel mix opens up a world of opportunities to create better customer experiences, reduce friction and drive toward your goals. Download the ebook today for more live chat insights, resources and use cases to help you take advantage of this exciting channel.

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