5 Reasons COVID-19 Is Making App Experimentation Essential

By Kaitlyn Hogue, Product Marketing Director

Brands who can test out their innovative ideas have always had a business advantage. According to Gartner, organizations that prioritize testing are twice as likely to outperform their peers, and companies that view experimentation as an asset are 85% more likely to be digital leaders in their industry.

And now, in this moment of uncertainty, the ability to run test — especially in your app — is even more important for identifying growth opportunities, understanding new customers, optimizing and accelerating conversions and much more.

In our latest white paper, “5 Reasons COVID-19 Is Making App Experimentation Essential,” our team shares the reasons to get a testing solution anyone can use (from product owners and marketers to engineers and beyond — ) to build and grow a culture of experimentation.

Even small tests can lead to big results like these:

  • 16% increase in conversions to a premium membership for Instasize after they tested and optimized their app onboarding flow
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Originally published at www.airship.com.

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