4 Proven Ways to Reduce SaaS Churn with a Mobile App

  • Increasing the value realized. For example, adding more features to your product, at the same price, in many cases will make your product more effective at achieving the user’s goals.
  • Reducing the investment required to see value. For example, improving ease of use means it takes less time for a user to do what they want to do. Or lowering the price means your customer has more money to spend elsewhere.
  • Increasing the visibility of that value. This might mean that you show the user how much money or time you’re saving them. Or how many of their customers you’re helping them reach. Or how good you make them look at work.

Consider a Mobile App (Or Consider New Ways to Use the App You’ve Got) to Reduce SaaS Churn

Here are four proven ways a mobile app can help increase engagement, boost customer loyalty, and create a better user experience — all of which also help reduce churn.

1) Be There for Your Customers Whenever They Need You

A mobile app is an important way to give your users the convenience of using your app when it seems useful for them, at any time.

2) Send Relevant Updates in Real-Time

So you build a great mobile app, and users love it. They see your logo every time they look at their home screens. That’s powerful branding!

  • The information is itself useful. Getting a specific update on a project in real-time may allow a project manager to set another task in motion, or give more accurate updates to stakeholders.
  • The notification encourages engagement. For example, interactive notifications make it easy to reply to a question as soon as it’s received, which means that the interaction stays within the app.
  • The notification can remind users of why they’re using your app. When a project is complete, if all stakeholders get a notification with that information, they have visible evidence of how much the app improves coordination.

3) Add Features & Functions Only Possible On Mobile

A mobile phone isn’t really a phone, as Benedict Evans at Andreessen Horowitz reminds us. A mobile phone is really an internet-connected pocket supercomputer, with lots of interesting sensors — camera, microphone, touch, GPS, Bluetooth and more — and the ability to communicate with anyone, anytime, instantly.

4) Design a Better User Experience & Build Brand Loyalty

Remember “mobile-first” design? The idea is that we should design apps to look good and work well on mobile first, and then add more features and functionality to the desktop version, as needed.

  • Designing for users who have less time forces you to make workflows easier and more straightforward.
  • Designing for users who don’t have a keyboard and mouse in front of them forces you to be thoughtful about how much information you require your users to enter, and when.
  • Even building in an offline mode can help laptop users who are trying to use your app while traveling.

Getting Started

Whether you’re building a mobile app from scratch, or have an existing app you can use to implement these strategies, we can help. Our mobile engagement, mobile wallet marketing, mobile analytics and mobile growth platform help you deepen your relationship with customeres — and get them hooked on your SaaS and your app.



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