4 Critical Steps Before You Start Personalizing Your Mobile App

Align Your In-App Personalization

Mobile apps offer an unparalleled number of channels to reach your customers, from personalized landing screens and push messages to in-app messaging and even Mobile Wallet. Before you can create a cohesive experience that helps grow your customer relationships, think through how to make your personalization look seamless across all of your app channels. If you’re using both push and in-app messaging, for example, ask how you can add a little flavor of personalization to both, and what types of messages make sense for each option.

Assess Your Data Requirements

To deliver a personalized experience through your app, it’s important to determine how your customer data will influence the desired personalizations. For example, for an airline looking to personalize messages to passengers, you’d want to know what type of booking the customer has and where they are headed. You might also ask if there’s a minor traveling with them, or a pet, or both! Each of these data points help determine which personalized messages will be relevant and valuable for the individual app user.

Identify Behavior and Event Triggers

Mobile apps provide marketers with real-time and actionable information about how customers interact with your app. That creates some exciting opportunities to deliver truly personalized and contextual messages within the app.

Consider Location

Another advantage of mobile apps is the ability to leverage location-based messaging. Before getting started, consider the different ways location-based personalization can offer value to your customers. For example, retail and entertainment brands might want to trigger educational messages or special offers when a customer enters a geofenced physical location. Or if you’re a media company, you can deliver timely news and weather alerts relevant to user location.



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