3 Reasons Why Tickets and Passes in Mobile Wallets Offer the Best Customer Experience

Give Your Customers What They Want: Mobile Wallets

Customers want to use mobile wallets for their ticketing experiences — and it’s not just millennials. 51% of Gen X and 28% of Baby Boomers surveyed have already adopted mobile wallet (along with 67% of Millennials). Beyond generations, 55% survey said they want mobile wallet for boarding passes, and another 52% said they wanted for it for event tickets.

Do Away with the Screenshots

During the webinar, Bon Mercado pointed out that fraud protection is a top priority for airlines, ticketing companies and consumers. With that in mind, Google made sure that their mobile wallets had fraud-prevention features, such as disabling screenshots.

Go Cross-Channel with Mobile Wallet

We often get this question, “I already have an app, do I really need a mobile wallet?” To which, we ask a question of our own: “Do you want to provide the best user experience?” If so, then there are clear benefits of not just having both, but having the two of them work together.



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