3 App Analytics Reports to Help You Understand Your App Conversion Efforts

Funnel Report

  • Which buyers are most likely to purchase but haven’t yet?
  • Which buyers showed interest in a specific offer or product but haven’t purchased?
  • Where am I losing visitors in my conversion funnel?
  • Identify high-intent users for retargeting and run campaigns to bring them back.
  • Determine which step(s) in your conversion process to optimize, allowing you to focus on high-value tasks.
  • Experiment with creating different types of offers to move users toward conversion.

Footfall Traffic Report

  • Is my digital messaging driving in-store footfall?
  • Which stores and departments are my customers visiting? At what times of the year?
  • How are certain types of messaging impacting individual store or department traffic?
  • Experiment with messaging campaigns to drive traffic at locations similar to those that have achieved increased traffic due to notifications.
  • Put additional successful messaging campaigns in place to drive foot traffic, especially in higher yield departments.

Campaign Drill Down Report

  • Which campaigns are driving the highest customer engagement and conversion?
  • Which channels or offers within a campaign are performing?
  • Are certain types of campaigns, products or offers more suited for a particular channel than another?
  • Run more of the campaigns performing best and less of those that are not performing.
  • Make adjustments to tactics (promotional messaging in particular) to increase engagement.
  • Adjust your mix of channels, campaign types and offers to maximize for conversion or LTV.



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