15 Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

  • Why have you created an app, and how will it make life easier for users?
  • How will you generate revenue from the app?
  • What user and revenue numbers are you going to need to consider the app successful?
  • CashApp for a modern and simple design.
  • Houseparty for an app that has done well during the pandemic has a beautiful and simple landing page.
  • Target for what a landing page looks like when an existing brand creates an app as an additional offering.
  • Organic social media posts
  • User-generated content for your ad campaigns
  • Sponsored blog posts, if your influencer runs a blog
  • Create hyper-personalized messages. Nobody likes an app that feels generic, which is why our platform allows you to create and send hyper-personalized messages to your customers.
  • Build trust and loyalty. With a platform that’s built for you, customers will be happier than ever — building brand trust and loyalty.
  • Meet your customers where it matters. We’ve built our platform to allow notifications based on different customer attributes — like name, loyalty, location status, and more.



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